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Classes & Schedule

Pre-school Dance Ages 3-4                                
Emphasis on creative movement through music & story! Focus on gross & fine motor skill development and a lot of fun!

Dancers must be potty trained to attend. 35 minute class

* Full year class or Sessional class option

Pre-Primary in Dance Age 4 & 5 

Introduction of foundational dance technique, musicality & creative movement - a great class for boys & girls coming for their first dance class!

45 minute class, two day/time options offered per week.

Primary in Dance Age 5-6
Foundational techniques & musicality, dancers begin to learn set choreography/syllabus components. A great class for dancers in their 1st or 2nd year of dance. Prepares boys and girls to head into our different streams of dance as they develop! 

45 minute class, two day/time options offered per week.

Ballet - Graded levels and Recreational classes
Growing in Ballet technique, dancers will work towards their first Royal Academy of Dance goal, the Grade 1 Class Award. From Grade 2 on, training increases to 2 classes/week to rapidly grow in vocabulary & ability. Syllabus in each Grade includes Barre, Centre work, and Character dance. RAD exams become measurable & achievable goals to accomplish International standardized levels.

Recreational classes for Youth/Teen/Adults provide technical foundations and support

Stretch & Strength class is also added at Ballet 3 and up

Intermediate to Advanced Ballet

RAD Ballet work progresses to include Pointe, Barre and Centre Practice. Performance and poise are also emphasized through musicality, strength, and solid technique. 

PBT Conditioning class is also required

Musical Theatre - Ages 7+

What do you get when you combine acting, dancing and singing all into one? Musical Theatre!! Learn basic jazz technique and engage your voice and facial expressions to take your dancing to a new level.

Highland - SDTA certified instructors Ages 7 to Adult

Highland dance is a discipline with lots of bounce! Dancers build strength & learn precision work in the traditional syllabus of the SDTA. Beginning with Basic steps and progressing to the Fling, Sword, Lilt and beyond!

Highland Exams and Competitions are optional and available 1-2 times a year 

Conditioning class available to be added for all Highland dancers

Lyrical - Beginner through Senior Age 7+

Connecting story, emotion and movement is what Lyrical is all about! Using a combination of ballet & jazz technique, dancers learn to communicate story through movement, integrating emotion and feeling.

Stretch & Strength/Tech class also required at the Junior level and above if dancer is not in Ballet

Tap - CDTA certified instructors    Age 7+

Fun upbeat class learning tap steps, rhythm and style along the CDTA graded syllabus.

Exams are offered as students progress

Hip Hop - Youth through Teen Ages 9+

Upbeat hip hop movements in various Hip Hop styles including floor work basics. Positive music and an encouraging environment. One year experience in any dance style recommended.

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